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Baugher Elementary



Baugher, White Deer, and Montandon Elementary Schools recently celebrated "Bullying Awareness Week".  Each school day had a theme, "Inside Out Day", "Panther Pride Day", "Blue Day", "Team Shirt Day", and "Hat Day", each theme was tied into the  Bullying Prevention Program Guidlines:  Practice Kindness, Accept Others, Watch for People who need help, Stand tall and strong. These guidelines go hand in hand or "PAW in PAW" as we like to say with our "Schoolwide Positive Behavior Rules." Making students aware of bullying is a one step toward ending  bullying.  Our fifth annual concert on the lawn featuring singer songwriter K J Reimensnyder-Wagner was once again a huge hit with all of the students.  There was singing, dancing and much celebration as Miss KJ led songs of acceptance and understanding.  We are always grateful for her uplifting, positive performance and the way she can bring smiles to everyone!  What a great way to reinforce the message of the week and bring everyone together!

It's never to soon to think about what you want to be when you grow up. Fourth and fifth grade students from Baugher, White Deer, Montandon, Warrior Run and Meadowbrook all gathered at Baugher for the Annual Career Fair.  Over 20 vendors including the High School Vo-Tech classes set up information tables and spoke with students eager to find out all they could about career possibilties.  This opportunity affords young students the chance to start thinking about the classes they need and how their education will impact their future.  Thank you to the Guidance Department and the many other people involved in making this year's Career Fair a success.

Lili Taylor, Adrianna Allabach, Aubree Carl, Nathan Hall, Hadlee Meckley, Sativa Berkheimer, Izayah Minium, Wayatt Brouse, Benjamin Veach, Mikalyn Heffner, Ty Locke
      Aaron Haines, Cage Farr, Avery Jones, Isaac Reeder, Cayden Robinson, Cadence Scholl, Riley Shady, Zachary Streeter
                         Koltyn Hause, Mariah Walker, Cooper Waltman, Chris Santiago, Aiden Goss
                                   Not Pictured: Anthony Mitch and Hailey King

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is changing school immunization regulations beginning in August 2017.  The regulations are intended to ensure that children attending school in the commonwealth are adequately protected against potential outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases.   All students must have medically-appropriate vaccines or a plan to complete those vaccines, or risk exclusion from school.  The previously held provisional enrollment period of eight months to demonstrate appropriate vaccination has been eliminated by the Department of Health.  Please talk to your child’s pediatrician about the vaccines your child needs to attend school, and please provide the required vaccine documentation to your child’s building nurse.

Click to download and read the Superintendent letter

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For more information visit Don't Wait Vaccinate!


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Milton Area School District utilizes the Sapphire Student Information System for grading, contact information, and notifications.  Parents should create Community Web Portal accounts to view classroom information and grades, update contact information, and set up notification workflows to receive announcements.   Download the document below and follow the steps to connect to the parent Community Web Portal.

Sapphire - Parent Community Web Portal Information



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